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Coming Soon: Electronic Signature

Coming Soon: Electronic Signature

Author: Mark Douglas


Sycamore Education’s school management software will soon allow administrators the option of having parents sign for report cards electronically. No more printing hard copies, sending them home with students (or through the mail), and then trying to get them all signed and returned.


Utilitzing Sycamore’s electronic signature will be as simple as checking a box.


After the report card has been generated, parents can easily (and securely) log into Sycamore’s impressive parent web portal to electronically sign it. Signed report cards will be able to be accessed (in real-time) within the student’s profile.


Sycamore’s electronic signature will be much easier and more convenient for both parents administrators, and it will help schools save time, money and resources. Of course, it also help schools ‘Go Green’ by using significantly less paper.


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