School Management System

Enhanced Daycare Manager

Enhanced Daycare Manager

Author: Mark Douglas


Sycamore has added even more functionality to their school management software. Sycamore’s Childcare Manager simplifies and streamlines all aspects of managing a school’s daycare program. Now users have more flexibility when it comes to setting up recurring charges for families with kids in daycare or aftercare.


Schools can set up an unlimited number of pricing plans, and discounts for daycare/aftercare.


And now Sycamore offers more options when it comes to billing cycles. Users can now easily charge families on a daily basis, or set up recurring charges on a weekly or monthly basis. Schools that choose to take advantage of our PayJunction integration can process these fees with credit cards or via ACH (e-check) from within the Sycamore Education system. These charges are seamlesly integrated with family accounts, and with the rest of the Sycamore system.


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