School Management System

Improved Health Manager

Improved Health Manager

Author: Mark Douglas


Sycamore Education’s school management software includes over 300 integrated features. And we keep adding more.


Sycamore offers an excellent Health Manager, also called “Nurse’s Office,” where schools can keep track of all of their students’ health-related issues. Users (with proper permissions) are able to go to the Nurse’s Office, and easily access a particular student’s health/medical records.


The student’s health/medical profile provides quick access to information on allergies, immunizations, medical alerts, doctor contact information, approved medications, and more.


Now we’ve added even more functionality.


Users can click on the ‘History’ button to access several years of health screening information all on one screen. Information includes age, height, weight, vision, and hearing. We even include a nice graph comparing the student’s results to the national averages.


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