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New and Improved Admissions

New and Improved Admissions

Author: Mia McKenna


It’s the season for giving and we want to give our schools the biggest item on some of their lists: a new admissions portal! Sycamore Education has offered admissions as part of the student management system it provides to schools for the last several years, however, schools are beta testing a new portal that allows for the following:


1)  Parents can upload application materials


2)  Parents can save their information and return to the application later to enter more data


3)  Schools can designate questions based on applicant grade level (for instance, if you’d like to ask a different set of questions to your Pre-K applicants in comparison to your 8th graders)


4)  The collection of application fees online


5)  Families can upload pictures of their students to be submitted as part of the application


6)  A new enrollment dashboard allowing admissions directors to see a breakdown of applicants based on admissions status


7)  Printouts of student applications complete with agreements, statistics, and a comments field


8)  A live view for parents to see how their application is coming along


9)  Integrated Road Map to help parents see what items they have yet to complete


10)  No double-entry for admissions representatives or school secretaries! (Ok, this has always been the case with our admissions, but it’s still the most exciting feature for some of our users)


The new admissions portal also provides schools the ability to change the name of the portal. For instance, they can choose to call it an admissions portal, an enrollment portal or an application portal–a feature that may be dependent on school terminology. Additional options include the request for class and medical information (can be turned on or off) and we’ve always offered the fantastic ability to offer a customized message for all potential applicants to see as part of the admissions process–think of this as a welcome to the school!


Still looking for more information on how this portal will further revolutionize Sycamore? Contact a sales representative today to find out more information about Sycamore Education, your school’s comprehensive solution to online school management.