School Management System


Welcome to 21st Century Pricing.

We don’t make our clients jump through hoops before we tell them the cost of our system. The cost of our school management software is – and always has been – upfront, honest, and extremely affordable. Isn’t that the way it should be?


When you sign up with Sycamore Daycare, you get:

  • our entire system: no modules or add-ons to purchase
  • complete data migration
  • unlimited customer support
  • complete training program
  • free & automatic upgrades and enhancements
  • worry-free data storage and backup
(minimum monthly fee = Call)
Enrollment Monthly/Per Student
0-99 CALL
100-199 CALL
200-299 CALL
400-499 CALL
500-599 CALL
600+ CALL


We are so confident in our product , we actually encourage potential clients to compare Sycamore Education’s daycare management software to the competition.


But keep in mind that comparing Sycamore Education’s daycare management system with the competition is like comparing an apple to an orange…a really expensive orange that’s been cut up into little pieces. Most of our competitors break their school administration systems into modules, and then charge you extra for each piece. Not Sycamore. We deliver one, big, juicy system for an amazingly affordable price.


We make installation fast and easy, and we hold your hand every step of the way.

As an administrator, we know you want to increase enrollment, improve communications, and get parents more involved. You want to get rid of your outdated school management software, and switch to an integrated, completely cloud-based school management and student information system. Sycamore Education does it all. A single, complete school management system to accomodate the varied needs of administrators, teachers, parents, and students.


There’s absolutely no risk! We don’t make you sign long-term contracts, and you’ll never pay extra for modules, add-ons, upgrades, or support. If you decide to stop using Sycamore Education, simply stop paying your monthly subscription fees. It’s that simple.


As we mentioned, Sycamore Education is a different kind of company. We actually allow our clients to try our system before they buy it with our free 30 day trial. That’s right….you get to use and evaluate Sycamore Education before you purchase it. Isn’t that the way it should be? Ask our competitors if they’ll make the same offer.


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